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Wheel of Karma

Monday, July 4th, 2011

There are many times in our lives when we feel as if someone is unnecessarily rude to us. What we do after that situation has more consequences than we think. I ran into this video while surfing the internet with my sister. Here, Larry David is confronted by a man for using the handicapped stall. The “disabled” man gives Larry a hard time. The scene then cuts to the next part in which Larry runs into the same “disabled” man using the normal stall. Larry then gives the people he encounters every scene after that a hard time. After Larry encountered the man in the wheelchair in the first scene, he had a choice to discontinue the anger directed at him, but instead Larry choose to continue the anger the man directed towards him and direct it towards other people. If Larry showed the disabled man in the second scene kindness instead of anger, the anger started by the disabled man would have stopped. Instead, more people were unnecessarily exposed to the distasteful situation. This is just something to think about the next time a person gives you a hard time.


Happy Vesak Day!

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Today, on this full moon day on May 2011, people all over the world are honoring and celebrating the birth, enlightenment, and great passing of the Buddha. The Young Wisdom Project wishes you and all living beings a happy and peaceful Vesak/Visakha/Le Phat Dan Day. May you all grow in wisdom and love.

Check out the inspiring reflection on this very special day below, and don’t forget to check out the full moon tonight!

“There is, however, a mystery that still remains, one whose implications far outweigh any other. That is the mystery of Awakening. The idea, so incredibly powerful, that any ordinary human being can actually perfect themselves. That all of us have the seed within ourselves to realize the perfect, liberating Truth.

In the 2500 years since the Buddha first realized and proclaimed this, not a single person has come up with a more radical or important idea. Freedom: it is possible. We are not trapped in this suffering. There is a way out. And that way out is nothing more than self-realization through the eightfold path.

While our world grows ever more weary and cynical, this is one light that never dims. That shining prince, Siddhattha, whose story and example still exerts such a fascination on us, he realized this for himself. Though he has long been dim and uncertain as a historical figure, behind the clouds of time there is an unmistakable glory. His words, preserved for us due to the unstinting efforts of generations of Buddhists, convey the ring of truth. And his path, though overgrown with weeds, is still clearly visible.

The Buddha would not have wanted us to celebrate Vesak with big ceremonies. He would have looked for those who practice his Way. Each person who takes the path to heart and truly embodies it becomes a light for the world.

May that person be you!”


“Full Effort is Full Victory”

Monday, May 16th, 2011

“When he was in South Africa, Gandhi sometimes would walk fifty miles a day and sleep only a few hours a night. Even into his seventies he wrote hundreds of letters every week; when his right hand got tired, he learned to write with his left. Once, while he was writing a letter, the lantern failed[.] Gandhi, aware of how much his reply meant to those who had written him, went outside and finished his correspondence by moonlight. That kind of drive gives a glimpse of the wellspring of vitality he tapped every day.

Late in Gandhi’s life a Western journalist asked, ‘Mr. Gandhi, you’ve been working fifteen hours a day for fifty years. Don’t you ever feel like taking a few weeks off and going for a vacation?’ Gandhi laughed and said, ‘Why? I am always on vacation.’

‘Full effort is full victory,’ said Gandhi. You need not be troubled if you have made mistakes, or if your ideal has slipped away. Just continue to give your best. If you fall, pick yourself up and march on. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl. Nothing in life is more joyful or more thrilling. The effort alone brings a continuing wave of joy in which every personal problem, every suffering and humiliation, is forgotten.”
~by Eknath Eswaran

After reading this excerpt, I felt inspired to first, find out more about Gandhi, and second, to dedicate myself fully. I didn’t know very much about Gandhi the world figure or Gandhi the human being; I just knew that he was a “great man” with great quotes.

Now that I’ve read this short tidbit, I want to explore the wealth of knowledge that a life lived so humbly and fully generated. Hopefully I can begin to understand how Gandhi was always “vacation.” I would like to learn how to pick myself up after I’ve fallen and continue along on my journey, because it is so easy to dwell on the failure than to focus on the solution.

It is also worth mentioning that there are many ways to learn and acquire knowledge. One way is to read about other people’s experiences: it doesn’t always have to be long-drawn theories or in-depth lectures. Experience tends to give its author wisdom.

To read full excerpt, visit


Apologies Accepted

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

An apology, whether sincere or insincere, is only the first step towards the repair process.

To summarize the article, an apology is always highly expected for any type of wrong-doing and as its expectancy rate increases, its value decreases.

Saying sorry isn’t completely worthless, but following up that apology with an act of kindness wouldn’t hurt either now would it?

The next time you apologize for something, whether you were accountable for it or not, try writing them a friendly and good hearted note, or even just giving them a smile every time you cross paths. This in turn will spread like wild fire and sooner or later, the whole entire world will be filled with billions of acts of kindness, creating a never ending happiness for humanity.

~by Sunbrye aka Jayanta

One Big Family

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening, asks the Sphinx?

The response includes everyone in this amazing set of pictures from the BBC ‘Human Planet’ series:

Past our differences, our history, our own desires, we are all humans. Our search for happiness and wisdom can be applied to anyone. And the steps we take can be shared, to inspire our family, friends (or foes), colleagues, and even strangers. That is who we are, and that is what the YWP can do.

“Under the sky, under the heavens there is but one family. It just so happens that people are different.” – Bruce Lee

~ by Thierry aka Mahapanya

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